Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to be part of Used Box?

    Subscriptions are $20 per month, and shipping is $5

  • Are there additional/hidden fees?

    Nope, $20 gets you Two pieces of great Menswear that is yours to keep! We shop at local thrift stores so each item you buy, you are donating to charity!Each item is inspected for stains,wear and flaws.We wash items before shipment.We choose clothing that has a high retail value or a one of a kind Vintage feel.We have over Ten years of experience in used retail both online and on the High Street.

  • What types of items will I get?

    You will receive an assortment of pieces tailored to the size you choose.

    If you have specifications you can enter them on check out,we will choose your unique box with care and attention to your personnel needs.

    Example- John is a size 30,he hates yellow and will never wear Yellow or skinny jeans.

    Used box may include Shirts,T-shirts,Jeans,Slacks,Light Jackets,Casual/Formal wear all washed,folded covered in tissue paper and  packaged in a box.

  • When will my account get charged?

    Your account will be charged $20 the day you sign up, and $20 every 30 days after your first charge.

  • When will my order arrive?

    Orders ship within 2-10 days of payment. All orders are sent via Priority Mail.

  • Can I get a refund/exchange?

    If your item was damaged, please contact support at walshais@gmail.com.

    Otherwise, due to the deep discount we offer, purchases are not refundable. We encourage you to gift items that may not fit or you do not like, especially since they are already in packaging!Also you can change your style and sizing by sending us an email

  • Is this site secure?

    All payments are secured over HTTPS and are PCI compliant. Our payments are handled using Stripe as the processor.

  • Can I cancel my subscription?

    Of course. Subscriptions can be canceled anytime before next month’s box has been shipped.

    Cancel your subscription by logging in.